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I’ve been both drawing and playing games since childhood, drawing maps for fantasy books, RPGs, computer games and board games combines both a love of maps with a love of stories and games. It is about as much fun as childhood me could ever imagine.

Cartography CV

  • How to Defend your Lair by Keith Ammann.

  • The Terminator RPG Campaign Book by Nightfall Games

  • Disaster Hamsters 2 Campaign Book by Plothooks

  • The Lazy DMs Companion by Michael E Shae

I have also worked on maps for a number of kick-starter projects and private commissions for yet to be released/announced products. These include board games, computer games, a death metal album cover, a local community map and private maps for games that Hollywood actor, Freddie Prinze Jr plays.

More recently I have been making time to progress my own maps for my games and also for aspects of cartography that interest me.

I’m particularly interested in exploring new ground with my maps. To draw in new styles, or new ways of using old styles or apply tried and tested techniques to new and interesting challenges. Right now I am having fun exploring maps that have a technical schematic feel, often with blueprint colouring, which nicely mixes my science background from my PhD in physics with my art. At some point I’d love to do some hard science fiction maps or cutaway illustrations of spacecraft and vehicles. There are so many other genres I want to map, I have aspirations to emulate 17th and 18th century printed naval cartography very closely, and I would love to look at inspiration from the painterly cartography of the ancient far east.

When I’m not drawing maps, I love walking or jogging in the countryside, looking after a wildlife pond that is full of newts and dragonflies or partner dancing (swing/salsa/ballroom) in London.